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Our newest competition is certainly interesting ahem

After our fantastic dream beach holiday competition, our FOMO team wracked our brains for how to help you next!

This time we wanted to give you the right tools to help make life a hell of a lot easier.

Then we had a stroke of genius (if we do say so ourselves!)

With the cost of living rising, our new competition prizes will be the boring things you really need, so you have money to spend on what you really want!

For example, how would you like a brand spanking new Henry Hoover?

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If you are anything like us, we bet your vacuum cleaner could REALLY do with replacing.

We’ll release a new boring prize every two weeks.

You know you’re old when this is really exciting!

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Why this competition?

Helping you is what we do, whether that’s helping you save on the perfect mortgage for you, or giving away a holiday like our last competition!

We understand that the increasing cost of living, inflation and rising interest rates are making life challenging.

Increases in monthly mortgage payments, when salaries are already working harder than ever, mean that every little saving goes a long way.

That’s why our current competition is so darn clever!

We can help you save!

It’s also why it’s a great time to reach out for independent, expert mortgage advice.

Giving experienced advice to help you save is what we do!

We have helped over 7,000 UK clients find peace of mind with the best possible mortgage for them (and make some savings along the way.)

Remortgaging could save you thousands long-term with a simple switch.

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