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None of us plan to die any time soon, but we never know what’s around the corner. 

Life insurance is an intelligent way to ensure your loved ones aren’t left with significant financial burdens after you are gone. 

With life insurance, if anything happens to you, your family receives a tax-free lump sum. This could be used to pay off your mortgage, cover any bills or debts you may leave behind and help your loved ones maintain their lifestyle.

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At FOMO we will refer you to a 3rd party expert for your will writing. 

For a limited time, we’re offering a FREE basic will* with every life insurance policy. 

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*A basic will, also known as a simple will, is a legal document that names an executor, a guardian for minor children, and the beneficiaries of your assets when you die. A basic will can be easy and inexpensive to create, especially if you have a small or simple estate. A basic will is subject to the probate process, which means the court will review and validate it before your executor can distribute your assets. A basic will can help you express your wishes and avoid potential conflicts among your heirs.

**  Will Writing services are referred to a third party. Neither FOMO Mortgages or PRIMIS are responsible for the service received. These services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and may have limited consumer protection.

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Kerwin, Aug 19, 2023

    Why should I bother?

    Over the years we’ve heard a million and one reasons why people DON’T think they need life insurance….
    Get ready for some truth bombs.

    Five common life insurance MYTHS debunked

    “It’s too expensive”

    With some policies starting at less than £5 per month, life insurance cover certainly won’t break the bank for most people. 

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    “Life insurance never pays out”

    This is what we call ‘absolute poppycock!’. At FOMO we have access to a panel of insurance providers, all with excellent claims experience. 

    When applying for cover, if you answer all the questions truthfully there is little reason why your claim should ever be denied. 

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    “I don’t have children so it’s not necessary”

    Having children is an important reason to get life insurance, but it’s not the only one. 

    If you have a mortgage, but not life insurance, your named partner will have to take on the payments after you are gone.

    Even if you don’t have someone who depends on your financially, your named beneficiaries (like your siblings or those closest to you) will receive the payout to help cover the cost of any outstanding bills or payments. 

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    “I’m young, fit and healthy so I don’t need cover”

    Even if you’re young and are in good health if something were to happen to you, your loved ones will still have to cover the costs or any outstanding bills, your mortgage or rent and your funeral costs. 

    Plus, life insurance can be considerably cheaper when you’re younger. 

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    “I’ll need regular health check-ups if I get covered”

    When applying for life insurance you will be asked a few health-related questions like if you smoke, have any pre-existing medical conditions or whether any conditions run in your family. In some circumstances, you may be asked to provide a health report or undergo an initial medical exam. 

    But, once your policy is in place you will not be required to provide or undergo any regular health check-ups! 

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