Would you spend an extra £3 per month to save your life?

For as little as £3 per month, getting this life-saver is a no-brainer! 

Right now, if you or your children suddenly developed a serious illness, you could access treatment through the NHS. You might even have coverage that entitles you to private healthcare in the UK. 

But what would happen if you had a condition that could not be treated by the NHS or by your private healthcare provider?

That was exactly the situation that faced Jenna a few weeks before her 28th birthday: 

Watch: Jenna’s Story

After Jenna was diagnosed with cancer, her doctors only gave her three to five more years to live.  A treatment was available but, unfortunately, she did not meet the criteria to be treated by the NHS.

Fortunately for Jenna, her husband, and her infant daughter, she had an insurance policy that provided her with access to specialist treatment overseas for just £3 per month.

Without the Aviva global treatment plan, Jenna and her family would not have been able to afford the intensive course of treatments which lead to a full recovery. 

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What is a global treatment plan?

Global treatment coverage is a valuable addition to your life insurance policy.

It offers up to £1 million of cover per year up to a maximum of £2 million during the policy term. 

Global treatment is an end-to-end service that gives you and your family international access to healthcare facilities, doctors and treatment, allowing you and your loved ones to get the expert care you need, no matter where it is in the world. 

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How does global treatment work?

Even better, you will be assigned a personal customer care team, who will guide you through the consultation and treatment process, smoothing your way to a full recovery. They will:

  • Refer you to the very best treatment centres, where doctors will review your case and suggest treatment options. 
  • Pay for and organise hospital admission, including travel and 3-4 star accommodation for you and a companion – or, in the case of a child, for the patient and both parents! 
  • Cover ongoing medical costs of up to £50,000 if they aren’t covered by the NHS.

How much does global treatment cover cost?

For such extensive coverage, the monthly premiums must cost an arm and a leg, right? 

Not at all! 

For only £3 per month, you can add a global treatment plan to your policy – a small price to pay for a service that could save your life!

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Who’s covered by the global treatment plan?

If you have a policy with global treatment cover, you and your children (up to age 18, or 21 if in full time education) will be covered for overseas treatment. 

This coverage includes treatments for cancer, coronary artery bypass surgery, neurosurgery, and live-donor organ transplants. 

Whatever your condition, global treatment gives you the very best chance of beating it! 

How you can get global treatment coverage:

Global Treatment product is an additional benefit linked to an AVIVA insurance policy and is only available via a trusted advisor – like ourselves.

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