Are your finances purpose-driven?

We are passionate about giving back to the planet and community through our charity partners.

When you are looking for a mortgage advisor, a lot of brokers can look the same.

It’s hard to find one with a mission and vision that you are really excited about! 

At FOMO, we work to ensure you find the best possible mortgage deal.

However, we are also fiercely passionate about giving back to the community and the planet too!

That’s why we are proud to be partnered with two incredible charities.


When you remortgage with us, we help offset your carbon footprint!

For every remortgage you complete with us, we plant a tree with our charity partner, Ecologi.

Ecologi was created so that their members and business partners can help tackle the climate crisis.

Did you know that there are enough climate solutions already that if we supported them we could undo 30 years of carbon damage?

That’s avoiding a monumental 1,500 billion tonnes of CO2! (Ecologi)

Ecologi’s fantastic work aligns with our values at FOMO.

This brilliant charity has already planted a huge 43.4 million trees in just six months.

They have also supported a range of carbon reduction projects, reducing 1.9 million tonnes of CO2.

Our mission is to give back to the planet while ensuring you are on the best mortgage deal for your needs!

Riverside Counselling Service

1 in 4 people will struggle with a mental health issue each year (Mind) and we are committed to helping provide them with the support they deserve!

Riverside Counselling Service (RCS) is an amazing Oxfordshire-based service that provides professional, affordable counselling services to adults and young people across the county.

FOMO will give £50 to this fantastic service upon every completed mortgage.

All you have to do is quote Riverside Counselling Service with your mortgage or remortgage.

Remortgage with us now by clicking the link below and we can give on your behalf!

Want to help us give back?

Are you on the best possible mortgage rate for you?

You can remortgage up to six months before the end of your term, possibly saving thousands long-term.

Simply reach out to us here to book a free, no-obligation call!

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